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 +<​u>'''​Article:'''</​u>​ Robots as Assistive Technology - Does Appearance Matter? by Ben Robins, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Ren´e te Boekhorst, and Aude Billard. ​ Interaction Studies 7:3, pp. 479-512
 +<​u>'''​Introduction to paper:'''</​u>​
 +See [[Alan'​s Thoughts on "Does Appearance Matter"​ (short)]].
 +<​u>'''​Application to personal research:'''</​u>​
 +Because research has already been started in this area (children'​s acceptance of robots based on appearance),​ maybe we should make sure to spend our time focusing our research in other areas. ​ I find this area useful, yes, but secondary to learning how to invoke positive social behaviors in children with ASD.
 +Along with logging the robot'​s actions, it would be valuable to record video of the child interacting with the robot (as most research experiments did, including this one).
 +* I know these research experiments focus on one individual at a time for good reason, but what if we DID perform therapeutic exercises involving a robot and ''​multiple''​ children?
 +<​u>'''​Additional notes from paper:'''</​u>​
 +* Children with ASD resist change in '''​routine'''​
 +* '''​Overpowering sensory stimulus'''​ is a problem with some autistic children
 +* Children with ASD tend to avoid new people ('''​strangers'''​)
 +* Children with ASD react more favorably to new people who '''​imitate'''​ them than those who respond to them in a non-imitating way.
 +<< [[Children Accepting Robots]]
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