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 +<​u>'''​Article:'''</​u>​ [http://​portal.acm.org/​citation.cfm?​id=1055680.1055682 Interacting with robots: can we encourage social interaction skills in children with autism?] by Ben Robins and Kerstin Dautenhahn
 +<​u>'''​Introduction to paper:'''</​u>​
 +This paper summarizes findings of a few of their other papers, particularly that:
 +# Children with ASD eventually warm up to playing with robots
 +# Robots are good candidates for joint attention between adults and children with ASD
 +# Children with ASD prefer robots with less detail
 +<​u>'''​Application to personal research:'''</​u>​
 +TiLAR robots will act as mediators for joint attention.
 +Child & adult have joint attention on the robot because the child is already interested in focusing on it, and the adult isn't denied the opportunity of joining in on the experience. ​ But is there a way that the adult can help the child to focus his/her attention on other things, without the child first having the desire him/​herself? ​ Or is there a way that the child can more fully understand or appreciate the adult because of their joint attention experience?
 +* What is a "​longitudinal"​ approach? ​ Does that just mean they researched over an extended period of multiple sessions (using the same subject)?
 +<​u>'''​Additional notes from paper:'''</​u>​
 +* '''​Triad of impairment'''​ explained, again.
 +* Autistic children are more socially responsive when they are being '''​imitated'''​
 +* '''​Joint attention'''​ (two individuals focusing attention on the same thing) is fundamental in human development
 +<< [[Invoking Social Behaviors]]
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