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 +I've been reading a very interesting book called "​Mistakes Were Made 
 +(but not by me)" regarding the psychology of self-justification. ​ In the 
 +book, the authors review data on how research sponsored by companies tends to 
 +bias the results of the research, even when the researchers claim that 
 +it doesn'​t.
 +I think that we need to be very careful to not let the funding from 
 +Honda bias our conclusions about the right way to use robots to help 
 +children. ​ We definitely need to test whether imitation is useful so 
 +that we fulfill our obligations to Honda, but we don't want to be guilty ​
 +of bias toward imitation as the right therapy if other therapies appear ​
 +to be better.
 +Our goal has to be to do what is best for the kids and not to push a particular agenda or technology.
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