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 +* Tilar interface Design 
 +** Need a good name 
 +** Main Goal: Make it so non-programmers can program robots 
 +** p. 91 in notebook for interview with ComDis 
 +** DATA LOGGING!!!!!!! 
 +*** Show clock on robot'​s face to sync video with events 
 +*** Save video from robot also, either all of it, or 5 seconds or so surrounding robot events 
 +** UNDO!!!! 
 +** Support multiple robot platforms 
 +*** Use Sockets or TCP/IP to communicate btw server(interface) and client(robot) 
 +**** '''​Need detailed spec for network communications interface'''​ 
 +**** Actually have separate programs for each robot that can be written in any language 
 +**** Better for vision/CPU intensive 
 +*** Support sending commands to robots and receiving output from robots (sensors) 
 +** Remote input devices for within session robot control 
 +*** Maybe TCP/IP also 
 +*** Global vs. local remote programming within the interface 
 +*** Initiate action at any time, like sound, facial expression, change motion. 
 +**** Need global remote listener at least 
 +*** Also need to display to these devices (what do we need?) 
 +**** Wiimote: vibration, LEDs, sound 
 +***** Haptic signal for Troy to acknowledge command 
 +**** iPhone: Graphics, etc. 
 +*** Separate input/​output channels for smart remotes (PDA, phone, etc.) 
 +**** Inputs: camera (gestures, object locations), speech, remotes, etc. 
 +***** Tellme studio for cellphone input? 
 +****** Can do if we use TCP/IP and have a well-designed module interface 
 +**** Outputs: vibration, sound, LEDs, images 
 +*** Wii remote chording or other way to "add more buttons"​ 
 +** Remote input devices for between session robot programming 
 +*** Honda'​s motion learner 
 +*** Robot puppet programming by demonstration 
 +*** Wii remote motion capture 
 +** UI Frontend 
 +*** Get rid of tool modes, have everything as direct or proximal interaction. 
 +*** Display animated previews of robot animations 
 +**** With animated previews, fairly easy to do simulated runs without robot 
 +**** Supply server with xml file for robot configuration and then can display any robot server side 
 +*** Keep it simple, have limited number of choices at any time. 
 +**** Hierarchical action selection 
 +*** Draggable action creator 
 +**** Timing will be an issue here too 
 +**** Make more general by xml file to define DH parameters and constraints 
 +**** Need xml file and geometry for each robot piece. 
 +*** Record sounds within the interface 
 +**** Need simple editing tools to crop ends, or maybe just crop silence. 
 +**** Also allow to import sounds, and maybe that's all we need. 
 +** Robot animation support 
 +*** Support head motion 
 +*** See if Troy can move faster, more enthusiastically 
 +*** Support animations that end in a non-zero position 
 +**** Need to blend to start position of next animation gracefully 
 +*** Pointing arm in particular direction (at person or object) 
 +*** Support pause button 
 +**** Robot should freeze, then resume what it was doing when resuming. 
 +*** Support simultaneous sound and action and facial expression, etc. 
 +**** Specifying when the sound should play 
 +***** Slider on the arrow 
 +***** "​Junction"​ point along arrow that can slide and shows the simultaneous action 
 +**** Marker in animation file for ideal sound trigger time 
 +** Intelligence support 
 +*** Gaze direction detection 
 +*** Robot needs to sing more songs 
 +*** Joint attention, have robot look at object, maybe same object child is looking at 
 +*** Sounds templates 
 +**** "Hello <​name>"​ becomes "Hello Alan"​ 
 +**** Troy says "Troy push <​object>​ to <​name>"​ becomes "Troy push truck to Alan"
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