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 +The [http://​www.aurora-project.com/​ AURORA] project at the University of Hertfordshire
 +The [http://​gundam.cs.yale.edu/​ Social Robotics Laboratory] at Yale University
 +The [http://​www.gel.usherbrooke.ca/​laborius/​projects/​Robotism/​index.html LABORIUS] lab at the Universite'​ de Sherbrooke
 +The [http://​univ.nict.go.jp/​people/​xkozima/​infanoid/​carebots-eng.html CareBots Project] at Miyagi University
 +The [http://​ctsb.northwestern.edu/​projects/​ Center for Technology and Social Behavior] at Northwestern University
 +The [http://​www-robotics.usc.edu/​~maja/​ Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems] at USC
 +The [http://​www.piaggio.ccii.unipi.it/​bio/​neuroeng/​doku.php?​id=home Neuro-Engineering Group] at the University of Pisa
 +The [http://​affect.media.mit.edu/​projectpages/​esp/​ Affective Computing Group] at the MIT Media Lab
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