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 +== Attending ==
 +Gordon, Loren, Mark, Eric, Klark
 +Dan Ventura (out of town)
 +==Open Lab==
 +* Follow up on the prior discussion: Where do we host the open-lab-software page?  Where do we list the wikis we provide? ​ How does cswiki.cs.byu.edu/​facserv fit in with our department web page?  What credentials are used on the cswiki.cs.byu.edu/​facserv area?  Should we unify all this information to a single site or at least provide links to these others areas from a single site?
 +*: ''​Did we make any decision here?''​ Yes.  We are migrating over to put all of our documentation in a single location. ​ Loren and Gordon will coordinate the transfer to the single system on the CS webpage. ​ Migrate over all the services that we provide: wikis, servers, backups, etc. --> move over by March.
 +*: ''​Migrate to a single source ticket system for all of our service needs. ​ How about Mantis? ​ How about ostickets? --> April
 +* Put office hours, software requirements,​ course webpage, etc. all in one spot in the faculty/​staff area:
 +*: ''​Send Gordon a list of things that we are looking for in the course administration area.''​
 +* Virtualization in the Open Labs
 +==Customer Service and Support==
 +==Department Services==
 +* Email
 +You dont often have the ability to verify that email was lost.  So, even though this isnt a big deal, I thought it was worth looking into.  This was received by the cs mail server, but doesnt appear to have been forwarded.
 +Begin forwarded message:
 +From: Keith Crandall <​keith_crandall@byu.edu>​
 +Date: January 2, 2010 4:40:04 PM MST
 +To: Mark Clement <​clement@cs.byu.edu>​
 +Subject: Re: Bio 465
 +Dear Mark,
 +The outline looks good to me.  Can we swap the Jan 11 and Jan 13 topics? ​ I'll be at Washington U on 11JAN to give a department seminar. ​ I'll also be gone Feb 17 (15-19). ​ Could we switch Feb 17 and Feb 10?  Otherwise, I should be good, at least for now.  The schedule looks like fun.  I also got an email from Matt Dyer who is working for a company and is willing to have students work on some projects. ​ I'll cc you on my response to him.
 +* Mozy off-site backup
 +* External email hosting -- Report from stats department?
 +* Student area to post examples of Research Area Exams, proposals, LaTeX templates, etc.
 +** This should be in the normal graduate student part of the main department page
 +* Server Maintenance and IT announcements:​ Twitter? ​ Google Groups? ​ Web area?  Email? ​ RSS feed? What do (should) we use?
 +** We need to create a list of recognized google groups
 +** We should send server maintenance requests to the faculty alias
 +* Need better documentation for existing services ​
 +** Wikis
 +** Virtual Hosts
 +** SVN
 +** Web Server Template
 +==Hardware Acquisition and Rotation==
 +* Did we make a decision on the hardware to get to lower our carry over surplus?
 +*: ''​Bought a new server and then purchased new disk storage.''​
 +==Assessment,​ Priorities, and Future Needs==
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