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 +== Attending ==
 +Dan V., Loren, Mark, Gordon
 +What are the key things that we should be doing and thinking about?
 +Comments from Klark:
 +''​I hope this is what you were looking for.  Some are fairly specific (1 & 4), the others are rather broad (possibly 2, & 3).''​
 +# ''​Open lab images/​software''​
 +# ''​Customer service & support''​
 +#* Very visible; needs to be well maintained
 +# ''​Department services (this is rather broad. ​ Don't know if it should be broken down into the various services)''​
 +#* Services that affect everyone are top priority
 +#** Backup and disaster recovery --- audit and verification
 +#** Department website and web services
 +#** Email
 +#** Network (wired and wireless)
 +#* Services that affect a large group of people
 +#** Virtual Services: wikis, servers, etc.
 +#* Services that affect a few people
 +# ''​Hardware acquisition & rotation''​
 +# Assessment, priorities, and future needs --> the entire committee since everything is intermingled and entangled. ​ Needs the entire committee to discuss this notion.
 +''​Web services including the department website is something that is used a whole lot.''​
 +Who should lead out on each one?
 +1. Eric M. and Klark (Loren for story telling lab)
 +2. Dan V. and Gordon (Loren and Klark)
 +3. Mark Clement (Loren and Klark)
 +4. Gordon, Klark, and Loren
 +5. Everyone
 +== Review tickets ==
 +==State of the Union Address: Computing Facilities==
 +We need to report to faculty what we are doing on the computing committee. ​ How are we using our time and efforts? ​ What are we trying to accomplish?
 +==Other items==
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