Review minutes from 27-Oct-2008

Review current assignments

Review tickets


Gordon, Mark, Klark, Kevin, Eric, Daniel


Kevin: move is proceeding. waiting for approval to move power in second floor. Everything is mostly ready. The 1-foot move on the wall is no longer going to happen.

Klark: machine order is mostly ready to submit. Ordering 156. $60 dollars to bump to 4 Gb. The plan is to replace every machine in the TA office and the labs except the corner lab in the basement. Two new labs on first floor, 1149, CS 100, pizza, windows in 1060, and new lab.

General Discussion

Windows for 124

Paul still wants to use Windows for winter semester. He is expecting 200 students, and he would prefer to use the first floor facilities. He needs a minimum of 75 seats. He would prefer first facilities by the graphics lab.

No shortage of windows boxes. Paul can safely make the transition. Location is yet to be determined. Make list of classes that use windows. Need to get idea of just how many windows machines we need. Preference is to load windows machines wherever we need windows students.“

Wiki Backups

We need a more reliable solution.

Issue is related to the SAN. We are waiting for Phil's SAN to come online. Then we can change the backup situation. Grabbing the image is problematic. Be sure backup is on the next agenda

Media/Graphics Lab Setup

So we've had the hardware sitting in 1110 TMCB for 1106 TMCB (the room directly south) for a while now. I've been waiting for the software to come through before installing the first 1/2 of the lab. I think it's probably time to just install the first 1/2 of the lab and put the software in later.

Here's what I am thinking…

  • I've attached a File:storytelling.pdf

    which uses the surplus 3×4 and 3×8 wood tables on the 3rd floor.

  • There's 9 complete workstations. 3 monitors per workstation. Big monitor goes in the middle, other two on either side.
  • We can use the standard windows lab image this semester.
  • After all the software gets here, we will have to build a new image and put that out for Winter semester.
  • We may get some Evans & Sutherland planetarium full dome projection system software in time to put that in the image. But that might have to wait until Winter too.

The hardware is there so it can be set up as soon as we're ready. Sooner the better.

What do you all think?

More from Michael: We may have fewer chairs in the end. We've got 2 per workstation now which may end up being too many, but that's a minor detail we can work out.

Web proxy reliability

The web proxy seems to reach a bad state that affects the speed of our connection. Do we need to look into using a different proxy? Daniel reported dramatic slowdown again this week Monday that was caused by the Proxy.

Moved away Squid and we are new using TinyProxy. In theory, we are hoping that TinyProxy runs much nicer. Pop from the agenda. Finished now.

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