Presentation by IT students

Several students showed a presentation for their ideas on how to improve computing. They showed some IT labs with computers around the edges and then tables in the middle for laptops.

We discussed software that might need to be provided by the department, such as Adobe software for animation and for CS 100. The feeling is that most students should be able to get software via license agreements with BYU or with open source packages. If students are responsible for keeping their machine up to date, this is a good skill for them to develop.

We discussed collaboration. Many students go to the library and use the spaces there. A benefit to group spaces here in the building is that they would have access to TAs. One idea is to use the TA cubicle room, which appears to be underutilized. One idea is to put TAs in the lab with students at a reserved computer. One area for concern is our programming culture. We need to find ways to get students to program independently, rather than “programming by TA” for every problem they encounter. We also need to encourage students to collaborate instead of creating a culture of fear regarding collaboration. Ideally students should be able to talk about problems short of sharing real code.

We discussed the downsides of pass-offs, and the possibilities of automating pass-offs. This could free up TAs to critique code. It would be great if TAs could help students learn about good coding practices.

We next discussed branding. One major issue is industry relevance. Challenge is to keep the curriculum up-to-date. A good idea is to have an advisory board of former students advising us. Another major challenge is the stereotypes.

One excitement is the number of clubs, e,g. a UX and HCI club for undergrads. Members of clubs make announcements, have Facebook pages, very active. Seminars from companies at the club. Build a culture that we are doing amazing things. From IS, what they do is driven toward industry. Companies doing info sessions every week, lots of exposure to companies that recruit from the major, gives students experience they need.

The students gave a case study of the animation department regarding their brand: collaboration, atmosphere, product, industry relevance, moved from #28 to #19 in one year, student emmys, positive brand image. Make sure what students build in class is relevant.

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