• review mix of Windows/Linux in open labs – CS 124 will have significantly increased usage
  • review of previous meeting minutes 21-Apr-2010
  • laptop space in open labs
  • training for new student employees – review what is available and make recommendations for improvements
  • inventory of department servers – what do we have, what services run on each machine, what redundancy do we have, health checks, emergency procedures
  • faculty documentation – add list of all faculty wikis
  • collecting all documentation into one place


  • CS 124
     - re-imaging the 1st floor lab (TMCB 1134)
     - need to monitor the labs to ensure we have enough space for students
     - issues with old vs new drivers on Windows images -- still a problem?  Can it be simplified?
  • CS 142
     - should these labs be advertised for that purpose?
     - should students be kicked out if they are not in the class?
     - close the lab down only for help session vs always reserved for the class?
     - priority vs reserved?
  • laptops
     - find a way to provide more laptop space
     - one option is to provide KVM with no CPU for some spaces
     - another option is to provide KVM switches so students could switch back and forth
     - setup a Google speadsheet or Qualtrics
     - work to craft the questions with Scott
  • inventory of computers
     - on Klark's whiteboard - for department services
     - 12 servers
     - infrastructure for department
     - student services - file space, web sites, svn
     - faculty services - svn, wikis, servers, database, backups
  • collect documentation into one place – Loren and Gordon
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