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 += Basement =
 +CS 224 students can use laptop lab or any other lab. TAs moved to basement.
 +Concern from CS 224 that there is no room for their students once the new lab is done. CS 240 room is locked down for a week at a time for exams, plus retakes. This happens three or four times a semester. We can get a schedule from 240 instructor and post it.
 += Lab =
 +Need to decide what to put in new room. Tables on casters. Chairs. Sofas. Whiteboard that is mobile.
 += Wiki =
 +Kevin scraped his content. Kevin and Eric need time to verify that all the content switched over correctly. There is also some concern about keeping
 +the content online, and a new box, wikibox.cs.byu.edu. Daniel will talk to Eric and Kevin to better understand their concerns. Can potentially get
 +their content ported over to wiki.cs.byu.edu. ​
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