1. VPN roll-out update

Won't start pushing this until next month.

2. Collaborative Space status update

Started painting. Furniture won't be here until November 25th. When the room opens we will run a contest for students to name it. Best name so far is “Code Base”.

Maps of labs, percent of majors in each class.

CS 142 – 22% CS 235 – 31% CS 236 – 40% CS 240 – 58%

We will do a Qualtrics survey of how many have laptops for each class. Would you use a laptop for coursework for this class if it was permitted? Would you need assistance setting up software on your laptop for the class? Do you know how to install a virtual machine for a different operating system on your laptop?

We will be asking instructors for this class if students can pass off on their own laptop. What if we had a laptop lab or do they need a desktop system?

3. Web site overhaul – New charge from Mike G

Draft a list of requirements for the back end (publication entry) and the front end (lab and department research pages). Get this to faculty and Mike to get feedback.

4. Laptop requirement and lab space usage

5. Research Labs

Are there shared services the department can/should provide? Survey faculty members to find out what needs they have and whether these are shared by others. For example: web site for lab, file storage, etc. Staff is worried about running machines where faculty install software, because updates will tend to break running systems, and there are too many customizations for each lab to keep track of.

How do faculty publish course materials? Do they really need their own web server?

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