There was a problem with LDAP this week, but that is solved. People still seem to struggle in the Gigapix room, and the conference room. However, today, Greg changed the settings on all APs, so that they have higher throughput/bandwidth available. Scott reports that he had no problems today for the first time, so perhaps this was the issue?

We should sit with Mark Clement and Ryan Farrell and any others to see what is wrong with their setup and locations.

Greg and Klark are working on changing from using an LDAP server for authentication to registering the machine's MAC address. The hope is that this will speed up authentication times.

Problem Reporting from Faculty

5 or so faculty using ticket system and 3 or so who call or walk in. We need to find ways to get faculty to report problems. Please either call or use the ticket system.

Types of problems:

- infrastructure that staff can fix, e.g. mail or DNS

- personal hardware, e.g. a laptop that won't connect to WiFi


Students are interested in participating and having input into our decisions. We are correlating a list of students who have expressed an interest. We should pick a few for our committee and invite them to be with us next semester. Daniel will work on getting this together.

In the second case, faculty need to either leave a laptop with staff to fix it, or work with staff so they know whether their fix worked. If you report a problem via a ticket, then see it through. Work with staff to try again when they respond to the ticket and indicate they have tried to fix the problem.

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