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 +== Attending ==
 +Loren, Parris, Mark, Klark, Gordon, Eric
 +Dan Ventura (out of town)
 +* Report on semester transition in open labs (Klark and Loren).
 +''​Media lab:''​
 +# Document the changes to the machines
 +# Do a complete image backup before upgrade so it is possible to rollback if something goes wrong
 +''​Storytelling lab''​
 +# Talk to Jones, Egbert, and Olsen for software needs
 +# Better define the plugin dependencies between Vue, Maya, and Renderman
 +# Resolve authentication to join the CS domain by default
 +# Cheap disk drives to accommodate space
 +''​Windows lab''​
 +:The migration to the new server forced a change in the SAMBA IP address. ​ The windows machines refused to pickup the new IP address.
 +# Delay major system changes until a larger block of time (Fall/​August or Spring/​Summer)
 +# Reclaim days in finals week for lab maintenance
 +# Windows 7 migration is  hoped to resolve this cached IP/name issue. ​ Windows 7 is on the road map for Spring semester.
 +# Redundant system for pre-staging major changes with complete redundancy etc.
 +* New ticketing system [http://​osticket.com/​ ostickets]
 +* CS Website redesign --- merging all of our subdomain webservers into the CS webserver
 +* Wireless challenge in 1110 (we have a demo Thursday evening at 5:30 PM) -- it needs to be resolved
 +==Open Lab==
 +* Virtualization in the Open Labs
 +* Software page for CS Website [http://​cs.byu.edu/​courses/​admin/​view_software Software]
 +==Customer Service and Support==
 +==Department Services==
 +# I think we should change to gmail and start a faculty discussion about it. Klark thinks we should set up a department email server that doesnt depend on anything else
 +# Unify DHCP in the department and create an interface to allow faculty to register a mac address.
 +# Explore BYU's complete authentication system
 +# Webmasters are looking at [http://​osticket.com/​] and [http://​www.mantisbt.org/​ mantis] as unified ticket solutions.
 +# Unify the web server and update the pages so they are accurate
 +#: ''​I visited with the CS webmasters this week, and they are moving forward to create areas for each of the webservers that we are currently running. ​ They are also creating areas for the open lab software (and request) and a listing of all the servers, wikis, etc. that we currently provide. ​ They areas are gated by the faculty/​staff role. --- egm''​
 +==Hardware Acquisition and Rotation==
 +==Assessment,​ Priorities, and Future Needs==
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