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Needs with the Animation Program

The program received a 1/2 million donation, and some of that will go toward upgrading computers. The lab on the main floor is not on lab replacement money. The original equipment was from donated money 3 1/2 years ago. They will be buying more memory, faster graphics card, big monitors that they can draw on. A lab in the HFAC is also supported with this new donation. Likewise the render farm, which is 9 years old now.

Longer term, they would like to use the render farm for tests, and then render to the cloud when it is heavily used. They have tried us on this network but it won't let their files out; it works in Crabtree. They are not clear on what the issues are. Rendering in the cloud is very inexpensive. Can't justify the costs of their own render farm, but it is nice to have a local farm for testing. They would like some Dreamcolor monitors.

Would like staff to help maintain the computers they have, figure out cloud rendering issues.

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