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 +=== Undergrad Survey ===
 +We discussed some things we could do to improve our computing environment based on the undergraduate survey we recently completed. Short term possibilities include:
 +* reorganizing the foyer downstairs
 +* feasibility of cell repeaters
 +* better chairs, lights workspaces and outlets in an open lab
 +* advertise spaces around campus for students to use
 +We talked about assigning faculty to some of these issues.
 +* Wireless: Klark and Greg
 +* Spaces that are reservable: webmaster
 +* Foyer: Seth
 +* Better spaces in our labs: Christophe
 +* Signs and Advertising:​ Daniel
 +For each of these issues, there are a number of things to investigate. For example, in the foyer, issues could include:
 +* who owns the space
 +* money for purchases
 +* fire marshall
 +Longer term we need to consider:
 +* feasibility of a lab remodel
 +We discussed improvements to the wireless network: Clark and Greg allocated 1000 addresses to WiFi instead of 255. Went from 95% to 25% to 30% usage. Maybe we could resurvey undergrads and see if service is better in the building.
 +Christophe discussed the survey in CS 236, and this started a brainstorming session with students. They want to start a student advising committee. Hopefully something will come of this. We will email the undergrads to let them know we are organizing a committee of students. Ask for a short paragraph for why. Tell us their standing. The email to students should include:
 +* results of survey
 +* prizes for survey takers
 +* call for organizing a student committee
 +Greg and Klark will organize a set of students who left CS and went into IT to let us know why and what IT is doing.
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