1. VPN

  • Get users to run the VPN if they are outside CS department, so you are connected to the network.
  • Then OK to ssh to schizo.

2. Status of Collaborative Space

  • Everything is progressing
  • Is it being used? By whom? How?

3. TA space/organization

  • Basement cubicles
  • CS 142 machines reserved for TAs but often not used
  • Maybe long-term the situation is that 142, 235 and 236 have dedicated labs. We then require laptops for everyone else.
  • Depending on the collaborative space experiment, we have reconfigurable rooms for everyone else.
  • Reconfigure labs to use a mix of desktops and spaces for laptops.
  • Desktops with dual monitors for developing
  • Guest wired network for reconfigured labs.
  • Get lab layout for reserved rooms
  • Get enrollment numbers for each intro course
  • Get resources needed for intro classes
  • How many pass-off on Linux machine

4. What we could/should stop doing

Did not get to this.

5. Evolving experience through the program

Did not get to this.

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