Machine replacement

The committee wants to start converting lab spaces so that they are a mix of desktops and monitors so that laptops can be plugged in easily. Christophe will email the faculty about this process.

Web site redesign status update

Still need to email CSR list. Daniel forwarded one contact and will cold-contact some design firms.

Collaborative Space

We discussed food in the collaborative space and decided we should not pursue this, because we don't have janitorial staff to clean up regularly. None of us have any desire to run devotional in the space since 1170 is regularly used by a large number of students already.

Common file storage

The committee has previously discussed setting up a common file storage system. We could ask some companies to come in and give us a bid – this would let us see, free of charge, what they have to offer. The downside is that this will take some staff time. We're going to see if faculty are interested – either via email vote or department meeting vote.

Options for faculty:

  • Have a centralized file storage system with backups (as proposed)
  • Have a centralized online backup (same big disk, no backup service, faculty treat it as secondary storage)
  • Use DropBox ($105 per user per year), starts at 1 TB but you get more for no cost, talk to them for volume discounts


Staff is looking at modifying the SSH configuration to allow passwords only with local IP addresses but certificates if off campus.


We will discuss this next time.

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