Submitted Due (completed) Task
06-Apr-2009 20-Apr-2009 (May-2009) Work with Loren to diagnose wiki slowness


Submitted Due Task
06-Apr-2009 20-Apr-2009 (04-Jun-2009) Move the VPN usage documentation to docs.cs.byu.edu/general/VPN

The VPN documentation is on hold until we actually have a working VPN with certificates. Once we have a working VPN, we need to create policies, and then publish the policies. The 04-Jun-2009 agenda has the notes and flow.

06-Apr-2009 May-2009 (May 2009) Coordinate migration of research labs when second floor construction is completed
27-Apr-2009 May-2009 (May 2009) Post sign on Media lab stating purpose and restriction. Lab reserved for folks working on projects for graphics and animation.


Submitted Due Task
06-Apr-2009 20-Apr-2009 (04-Jun-2009) Make wiki page showing current servers and services provided by Klark and Loren
06-April-2009 20-Apr-2009 (21-May-2009) Work with Klark to get lab usage report from labmon database
06-Apr-2009 20-Apr-2009 (21-May-2009) Email Daniel ticket statistics
21-May-2009 27-Aug-2009 Lab usage summary report for committee and faculty in regards to winter semester (general summary).

  • 04-Jun-2009: Klark is asking student to provide raw data dump and it should be up in 2 weeks


Submitted Due Task


Submitted Due Task
27-Apr-2009 21-May-2009 (21-May-2009) Lab monitoring demonstration
06-Apr-2009 20-Apr-2009 (04-May-2009) Bring up 1106 for Spring semester
06-Apr-2009 20-Apr-2009 (21-May-2009) Work with Eric M. on lab usage reports from labmon


Submitted Due Task
06-Apr-2009 May-2009 (04-Jun-2009) Unify ticket system with the quick-ticket system and augment statistics with top reported issues or areas.

The challenge relates to the old system not being maintained. Exploring a Drupal replacement. Reporting is currently on line for the quick tickets.

19-Feb-2009 04-Jun-2009 Move wikis to Ubuntu server with same version of MySQL and MediaWiki to address slowness

Windows ended up being both slower and more difficult to setup and maintain. Resolved to continue with Linux.

06-Apr-2009 20-Apr-2009 (04-Jun-2009) Publish the VPN configuration file for general use (coordinate with Gordon)

Waiting until we even has a working VPN system. Also, define policies first, run trial, and then publish to general public.


Submitted Due Task
04-Jun-2009 18-Jun-2009 Schedule graphics lab?

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