We are going to try to get the 1106 media lab up and running ASAP, but there are some constraints beyond our control that most likely will delay things into Winter semester. The basement remodel has made setting up the lab in the current semester nearly impossible because of a general shortage of lab seats for students; we simply cannot take down that particular Linux lab until the end of Fall semester. We also have to look forward to Winter semester where we are again going to be strained for lab seats because it is very likely that the remodel will yet to be completed much before Winter mid-semester. Much of this inconvenience is beyond our control as we are waiting on various contractors etc. That said, here is our current plan for getting the lab up and running ASAP:

  • Wire 1066 for network – Expected December
  • Move 1106 to 1066 – Possibly mid-December but more likely early January due to scheduled building-wide power outage over the holiday break
  • Set up the 1106 media lab – January

Best-case scenario has the lab up and running in the first week of winter semester. Worst-case scenario has the lab up and running by winter mid-semester.

While we are waiting for 1066 to be wired, Klark will have his crew start working on the image for the new machines in the lab so when 1106 is ready, we can move quickly. Also, we did take an inventory of 4-foot tables, and we are currently 3 tables short of the 9 tables on the schematic. We do have 8-foot tables we can substitute if you want to go that route; otherwise, we need to find another 3 4-foot tables. One idea is to visit with various labs to see if we can liberate pairs of 4-foot tables for a single 8-foot table (Mark Clement believes he has a pair he can trade in his lab). If you could help liberate the last 3 4-foot tables, then that would be most helpful.

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