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 +# System Security
 +#* another network probe will probably happen later this semester
 +#* emailed a report to all faculty and haven'​t heard back
 +# Animation Lab
 +#* Loren: redo all the signs, see Mike Jones about it
 +#* Network share setup on demand
 +#* Changes requested for lab, but Parris doesn'​t want any between semesters, will be on new image
 +# Open Labs
 +#* Loren talked to Scott Hunt about booting from an image and it didn't go well so they stopped
 +# State of Wireless
 +#* should it just be open?
 +#* Klark is working on getting APs that are down to say they are down
 +#* Klark believes coverage is adequate
 +#* encourage faculty to work with CSRs to figure out why they can't connect adequately
 +#* Loren: see if he can get access to monitor and configure the system, work with individual faculty to see if he can troubleshoot
 +#* Daniel: solicit faculty input as to who is not getting adequate coverage, who has their own access setup
 +#* get it good enough that labs don't need their own?
 +#* Klark: expand Wireless documentation to include Android and other devices
 +# State of the Network
 +#* Still trying to get IPv6, no addresses yet
 +# State of the Help Desk
 +#* Daniel: survey faculty to see how they feel about help desk closing at 9:00 p.m. instead of 11:00 p.m.
 +#* Loren: help desk will check usage of labs as they leave the building
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