#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <cmath>
using namespace std;
Computes the volume of a cube.
@param sideLength the side length of the cube
@return the volume of the cube
double cubeVolume(double sideLength) {
	if(sideLength <= 0) {
		return 0;
	return pow(sideLength, 3); // functions can call functions
	//return sideLength * sideLength * sideLength; // this also works
Handy function for testing the cubeVolume() function. Prints
useful information to the console.
@param arg the argument to pass to cubeVolume()
void cubeVolume_test(double testArg, double expected) {
	double result = cubeVolume(testArg);
	cout << "sidelength: " << testArg << endl;
	cout << "volume: " << result << endl;
	cout << "expected: " << expected << endl;
	const double EPSILON = 1E-10;
	if( abs(result-expected) > EPSILON ) {
		cout << "Big Massive ERROR!" << endl;
	cout << endl;
Functions compartmentalize related chuncks of code. This makes
testing easier. It also enables code reuse, which reduces code
int main() {
	functions make code easier to test; we can run as many
	of these tests as we want, very easily; this is easier 
	than copying and pasting the cube volume code many times 
	to test it, and it's much easier than running the 
	program many times by hand with different input values
	cout << fixed << setprecision(10);
	cubeVolume_test(4, 64);
	cubeVolume_test(0, 0);
	cubeVolume_test(10, 1000);
	cubeVolume_test(3.456, 41.278242816);
	functions are also reusable; now if I need to calculate
	the volume of a cube multiple times in different places
	in my program, I can just call the function each time, 
	rather than copying and pasting the code; what's more, 
	if I had copyied the code to reuse it, but later found
	a bug in the code, I would have to fix the bug in many 
	places; on the other hand, if I use functions, I can 
	test and fix the code in only one place, which is 
	significnatly easier to do
	// somewhere in your program, calculate shipping costs
	const double PRICE_PER_POUND = 0.5; // dollars
	const double PRICE_PER_CUBIC_IN = 0.25; // dollars
	double boxWeight_lbs = 14.5; // input from user
	double boxLength_in = 12.36; // input from user
	double shippingCost = boxWeight_lbs*PRICE_PER_POUND + cubeVolume(boxLength_in)*PRICE_PER_CUBIC_IN;
	// somewhere else in your program, calculate maximum shipping cost estimates
	double objectLongestSide_in = 16.4; // input from user
	double objectWeight_lbs = 37.0; // input from user
	double maxiumPossibleBoxVolume = cubeVolume(objectLongestSide_in);
	double estMaxiumShippingCost = objectWeight_lbs*PRICE_PER_POUND + cubeVolume(boxLength_in)*PRICE_PER_CUBIC_IN;
	But wait! looks like the shipping cost calculation can 
	also be extracted out into a function...
	Anytime you see duplicated code, it's a sign that you
	probably need to create a new function to encapsulate it
	return 0;
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