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 +==Inserting Breakpoints==
 +* To insert a breakpoint in XCode, simply click in the area to the left of where you want the program to pause. ​
 +** If you do not know what breakpoints are, see the [[Debugging in Visual Studio]] guide.
 +* Shown in this screenshot are two breakpoints to the left.
 +[[File: XCodeBP1.png|800x548px|]]
 +* After pressing the run button, you can see all of your local variables in a window like this (usually at the bottom of the screen):
 +[[File: XCodeBP2.png|800x548px|]]
 +* You will find, in the upper left section of the screen, five buttons that will help you navigate through your program. ​ The middle button -with a curved arrow over a dash- will let you move step-by-step through your program. ​
 +* You can see the values of your local variables change ( name : Roger Clements) as you step through the program. ​
 +* With pointers, vectors, or other data structures, you can click on the arrow next to the variable and the value(s) of the variable will be shown (... with a little bit of searching).
 +* If you are finished debugging, press the button to the left of the "step over" button. ​ This will run all processes to either the end of the code or the next breakpoint.
 +* Congratulations! You are now a pro. debugger!
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