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 +=Warning Warning Warning=
 +=This is the obsolete 2010 142 wiki=
 +== Lab List ==
 +This is a quick list of the laboratories that can be found on the schedule page.
 +*Lab 1 [[Hello TA]]
 +*Lab 2 [[Buying a Hybrid Car]]
 +*Lab 3 [[Roman Numbers]]
 +*Lab 4 [[Simple Pig Latin]]
 +*Lab 5 [[Pretend Banking]]
 +*Lab 6 [[Sorting]]
 +*Lab 7 [[Hotplate]]
 +*Lab 8 [[Preparing For Winter]]
 +*Lab 9 [[Spaceships]]
 +*Lab 10 [[SpaceInvader]]
 +*Lab 11 [[FamilyHistory]]
 +== Pass-off Process ==
 +If you wish to pass off a lab please go to 1119 TMCB and fill out the form next to the printer. ​ After filling out the form then go to the TA for pass-off.
 +There is a queuing program so that the TA's can help you in order. You can access this at:
 +   ​http://​students.cs.byu.edu/​~kseppi/​cs142help.html
 +   If that link doesn'​t work, try this one:
 +   ​http://​cs142help.appspot.com/​requesthelp/​UFPQ7YULWESVEWWZC76N3BXPVWU8BZ
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