Please talk to the professors or TAs if any wiki page is unclear or incorrect, and be aware that future labs and the class schedule may change.

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This is the obsolete 2010 142 wiki

Computer Science 142, Fall 2010


Introduction to object-oriented program design and development. Principles of algorithm formulation and implementation.

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News and Info

In reverse chronological order:

  • Please note that the syllabus has been changed to reflect that you may now miss up to 2 labs and still pass the class (however missing labs is detrimental to your overall grade).
  • Have how-to questions about your graphics program? Take a look at the ACM library tips.
  • For those interested in being a tutor for other students in the class or who are looking to get help from a tutor, please visit the Tutoring page.
  • If you've had questions about how to formulate good test cases, please see the new Test cases page.
  • Dr. Seppi was not sure in class if the testing center portion of the midterm would be open or closed book. It will be CLOSED BOOK and CLOSED NOTES. See the Midterm1 link on the schedule for more information.
  • Please note that questions for the testing center portion of the midterm will be drawn from reading quizzes 1, 2, 3, and 4. In addition to the testing center portion of the midterm, there will be a programming portion. See the Midterm1 link on the schedule for more information.

If you wish to pass off a lab please go to 1119 TMCB and fill out the form next to the printer (for lab 2 the form is pink). After filling out the form then go to the TA for passoff.

  • There have been several questions about which Eclipse to download if you would like to work on your personal computer. A new Eclipse page has been created and contains a link to the correct Download site, instructions on installation, and links to some tutorials. Please post questions or helpful tips/links on the Discussion page there.
  • If you are already a great Java programmer and want to test out of this class, use the following link to start that process: Note that the required labs are not from this particular section of CS 142. Follow the link from the waive_cs_142 page, given directly above.
  • The TA's schedule can be found here: TA Schedule.
  • You are welcome to use any computer in the Computer Science Department Computer Labs. We have have been given special permission to have priority in the lab in 1119 TMCB, so use that space first. If those computers are all being used and there is space elsewhere, you are welcome to go elsewhere. The TA's will generally be in and around this lab when they are available to help you. This movie will help you find the lab.
  • There is a queuing program so that the TA's can help you in order. You can access this at:
  If that link doesn't work, try this one:

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