Written Final

The multiple choice final, which covers all quizzes, will be available in the testing center starting Monday, December 12th, and will close on Friday, December 16th. There is no late fee for taking it on December 16th. This is closed book and closed note. Note that we will again plan on only making 130 copies of the final, so you can't all take it on Friday. Plan ahead. For more information on Testing Center Hours see http://testing.byu.edu/info/center_hours.php. There are 71 questions and they are very, very similar (wink, wink) to the questions from the quizzes. Questions with known issues have been removed and will not appear on the Final exam.

Programming Final

For the programming final we will have a timed programming exam (3 hours) identical in format to the 2nd midterm.

The programming final will start Saturday, December 3rd at 8:00 AM and ends Thursday, December 8th. Please note that after midnight on December 8th we can no longer accept any late work. The procedure will be as follows:

1. You need to go to 1119 TMCB and sign up for a 3-hour slot in which to take the exam. Sign-up sheets are posted. If you will be using your own laptop, please sign-up in one of the spaces marked “Laptop”. Take note of the date, the time, and the location of the exam session that you sign up for. Please try to find a slot that will work with your schedule. If there is absolutely no way, please email me ASAP with a 3-hour block (between Tuesday, November 1st, and Saturday, November 5th) in which you are available to take the final.

2. You will go to the lab indicated on the sign-up sheet on the day and time that you sign up for and receive the exam specification and pass-off form. You must take the final in the lab. Plan to be there 5 minutes early so we can stay on schedule.

3. You must email your code (to cs142ta.codesubmission@gmail.com) and hand back your pass-off sheet in person in 1119 TMCB within 3 hours from when you first receive the pass-off form.

About the Exam Content

The exam is modeled closely after the Family History lab. It is not the same problem, but if you master the concepts in Family History lab, you will be well-prepared for the final exam. Also, you WILL be allowed to consult your source code from previous labs. It is open book, open notes, open internet. But you can't ask help from neighbors and the TA isn't allowed to look at your screen.

The exam is designed so that you can quickly and easily earn partial credit. Just like the second midterm, the pass-off requirements are set up in a linear fashion to guide you through solving the problem (also see https://facwiki.cs.byu.edu/cs142fa11/index.php/Teams#Pass-off_procedure). For each step you complete, you will earn more points until the program is complete. This way not only do you feel better because you can see your score going up, but you also have a guide to where to go next at each stage of implementation.

We will be holding numerous help sessions (https://facwiki.cs.byu.edu/cs142fa11/index.php/TA_Schedule) this week to go over Lab 11 and the concepts on the final exam. Here are a list of concepts that you will need on the final programming exam: - Prompting the user for input and get user input at the commandline - Reading in the contents of a file - Writing a class - Being able to define functions and data members for a class - Using “new” to allocate memory for objects - Using maps to store objects - Implementing a recursive function - Writing good test cases - Proper Formatting

You will NOT need to do anything with string manipulation or character arrays. You will not be asked to use inheritance.

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