WARNING! This wiki is for Fall 2017. See Winter 2018 for more recent course information.

Please review the TA Policy before visiting with any TA. Any concerns with the policy should be discussed in person with the instructor. TAs are located in the TA cubicles in the basement of the TMCB. Please submit to the help queue first to get in line if needed.

Help Queue

Please review the Syllabus before submitting questions to the Help Queue or requesting a pass-off on the Help Queue. The Help Queue is only active during office hours, and the submitter is expected to be present when at the top of queue. The Help Queue reports to the submitter where in the queue the request is located, as the submission nears the top of the queue (within 5) it sends a notification so that the submitter may go to the TA office for help. The queue automatically refreshes as the TAs work through each submission.

Please note, the queue is inactive when there is no on-duty TA, and it may be reset at night, so there is no saving a place.

TA Schedule

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