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-Please review the [[Project Standards|project standards]] which apply to all projects in the course.+Please review the [[Project Standards|project standards]] and [[Style Guide|style guide]] which apply to all projects in the course ​and are strictly enforced.
 * [[Lexical Analyzer]] * [[Lexical Analyzer]]
 * [[Datalog Parser]] * [[Datalog Parser]]
 * [[Relational Database]] * [[Relational Database]]
 * [[Datalog Interpreter]] * [[Datalog Interpreter]]
-* [[Project 5 Worksheet | Optimizing Rule Evaluation in Datalog Queries]]+* [[Optimizing Rule Evaluation]] 
 +Deprecated worksheets ('''​not maintained and may be out of sync with some aspects of the current projects'''​):​ 
 +* [[Project 2 Worksheet | Project 2 Worksheet: LL(1) Parsing of Datalog]] 
 +* [[Project 3 Worksheet | Project 3 Worksheet: Answering Datalog Queries]] 
 +* [[Project 4 Worksheet | Project 4 Worksheet: Generating Facts from Datalog Rules]] 
 +* [[Project 5 Worksheet | Project 5 Worksheet: ​Optimizing Rule Evaluation in Datalog Queries]] 
 +[[Project Grading Rubric]]
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