Homework Assignment #27


Design an A* algorithm for the 8-puzzle in the 5 questions posed below. Assume the start state and goal state for the puzzle as shown here:


(Image Credit: Russell & Norvig)

Question 1

Specify your state.

Question 2

Describe your state expansion strategy.

Question 3

Describe your path cost function $g(n)$.

Question 4

Describe your admissible heuristic function $h(n)$. Together $g(n)$ and $h(n)$ constitute your evaluation function (like a bound function). How do you know that $h(n)$ constitutes a lower bound on future cost and is therefore admissible?

Question 5

Describe your solution (goal) test.


Here is an online version of the game: http://mypuzzle.org/sliding

And here is an animated solution that may help you better understand the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8fhSIUNXMU

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