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Course Number

CS 401R: Probabilistic Foundations of Machine Learning

Section 001

Fall 2014


Eric Ringger


Paul Felt & Kevin Black

  • Email: byunlpta AT gmail DOT com
    • for individual inquiries only
    • all HW and Project questions should be directed to the Google Group for the benefit and participation of others
  • Location: 3346 TMCB (NLP Lab)


  • Days: MWF
  • Time: 9:00-9:50pm
  • Place: 134 TMCB

Help Sessions

  • Per the schedule (see below)


Textbook: “Probabilistic Graphical Models” by Koller & Friedman. : Companion Website

Supplemental Textbook: Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective by Murphy. : Companion Website

Supplemental Textbook: Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing by Manning & Schuetze. : Promo and Companion Website

Schedule: On BYU Learning Suite. NOTE: This semester's schedule is still under construction.

Announcements: Google Group - BYU CS 401R Announce : The announcements Google group is used for announcements only. Please give messages on that group high priority.

Discussion Forum : Google Group - BYU CS 401R Discussion : The discussion Google group is used by all class members to discuss ideas and questions concerning the homework assignments and projects. TAs and instructor will participate on the group when available.

Project Submissions : On BYU Learning Suite : If you submit after the due date, please send email to the TA email address to inform the TAs of your late submission, so that the responsible TA will know to look for your assignment.

Grades : On BYU Learning Suite

Homework Keys : On Learning Suite

Example Proofs : here

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