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 += del.icio.us =
 +The del.icio.us dataset was created by the NLP lab.  It is a collection of documents that have been tagged by users of the popular social bookmarking website [[http://​del.icio.us/​tag/​cs601r|del.icio.us]]. ​ User submitted tags were used to find pages tagged with various topic-related labels. ​ You can read more about the dataset [[https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​cs679/​index.php/​Data#​Social_Bookmarking|on this page]]. ​ The file we are distributing to you contains just the data and the split indices. ​ You can download it [[http://​nlp.cs.byu.edu/​classes/​cs601r/​data/​del.icio.us/​del.icio.us.tgz|here]].
 +== New: Reduced Only Tar ==
 +You can now download a tar containing just the files you need to run against the reduced del.icio.us dataset by using [[http://​nlp.cs.byu.edu/​classes/​cs601r/​data/​del.icio.us/​del.icio.us_reduced.tgz|this link]].
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