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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 # install dependencies (uncomment and do only once) # install dependencies (uncomment and do only once)
-#​install.packages("​plot3D"​);​ install.packages("​ggplot2"​);​ install.packages("​MCMCpack"​);​ install.packages('​akima'​)+#​install.packages("​plot3D"​);​ install.packages("​ggplot2"​);​ install.packages("​MCMCpack"​);​ install.packages('​akima'); install.packages('​rgl')
 # load dependencies # load dependencies
-require(plot3D);​ require(ggplot2);​ require(MCMCpack);​ require(akima)+require(plot3D);​ require(ggplot2);​ require(MCMCpack);​ require(akima); require(rgl)
 # Dirichlet parameters (Customize these!) # Dirichlet parameters (Customize these!)
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