IMPORTANT - Read and follow the ground-rules below. When social engineering it is often important to find out detailed and specific things about a target, useful for pretexting, for convincing a 3rd party of your close relationship with someone else etc.

If you want to defend against such things you need to lead a relatively private life. Unfortunately social-media makes this very difficult for some people.

You may want to convince some 3rd party (a friend of mine) that you and I are great friends, and thus gain trust or avoid suspicion.

Ground Rules - VERY IMPORTANT. You can use publicly available records, you can email/text/call ME, but leave other human beings out of your research. Do not be deceptive to anyone, other than communication with me that you might try and phish/social-engineer/pretext.

In short, I'm the only person that you are allowed to practice any kind of deception with. I'll pretend that I didn't know I made this assignment, and depending on your skill, and your ability to research you may find some of the above information. No illicit resetting of accounts, faking email (to anyone but me) etc. Remember that document on the first day of class? No hacking/cracking without explicit permission. Here it is - your explicit permission to forge email (to me only), etc. Trick me into revealing something to you.

email the following info:

3 pts. 1) my favorite beverage

3 pts. 2) my favorite hot sauce

4 pts. 3) my reddit username

8 pts. 4) the name of my brother-in-law's business

Fred Clift

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