• Download and install SPIN
  • Run a few simple examples with SPIN


  1. (5 points) Download and install the SPIN model checker. See the Tools page for some suggestions. Submit a screen shot from the command spin -?
  2. (20 points) Write a PROMELA model that starts no more than N processes randomly where N is given with a #define. Here the init process is not part of N. Each of the N processes should output its process ID in the order of creation. After that, each process should then output its process ID in reverse order of creation and then exit before the next process reports its ID and exits. Report the number of states found for N = 5 in verification mode.
  3. Try a variant of the previous model where the N processes actually exit in the actual order of creation. Explain what happens in this variant of the model?

Upload the final file to learning suite.

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