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-The course lectures ​are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in 120 TMCB from 13:35h-14:50h for the Winter 2017 semester.+All of the lecture content is in a Bitbucket repository which you are welcome to clone:
-All of the lecture content is in a [http://git.or.czGIT] repository which you are welcome to clone. ​ The repository is located on the [https://labs.cs.byu.edu CS Open Lab] under the ''​egm''​ account: ''​~egm/​public-git/cs686/lectures''​. ​ You must use [http://git.or.cz/ GITto clone the repository as well as to get updates and revisions throughout the  semester. ​ The [http://git.or.czGIT] clone can be done as: +[https://bitbucket.org/byucs486/byu-cs-486-lecture-notes/src/masterbyu-cs-486-lecture-notes] 
- +[https://bitbucket.org/byucs486/byu-cs-486-homework/src/masterbyu-cs-cs486-homework]
- $ git clone ssh://​_YOUR_ID_@schizo.cs.byu.edu/​~egm/​public-git/​cs686/​lectures +
-   ​Initialized empty Git repository in /​Users/​egm/​tmp/​lectures/​.git/​ +
-   <​user>​@cs.byu.edu'​s password:  +
-   ​remote:​ Counting objects: 133, done. +
-   ​remote:​ Compressing objects: 100% (133/133), done. +
-   ​Indexing 133 objects... +
-   ​remote:​ Total 133 (delta 78), reused 0 (delta 0) +
-    100% (133/133) done +
-   ​Resolving 78 deltas... +
-    100% (78/78) done +
- +
-Please note that '''<​user>'''​ should be your user name for the CS system. ​ Also, some versions of [http://​git.or.cz/​ GIT] do not like the '''​~'''​-expansion so you might need to include the full path to my home directory (/users/faculty/egm/public-git/​cs431/​lectures).+
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