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 * [https://​www.usenix.org/​system/​files/​conference/​nsdi16/​nsdi16-paper-eyal.pdf Bitcoin-NG] * [https://​www.usenix.org/​system/​files/​conference/​nsdi16/​nsdi16-paper-eyal.pdf Bitcoin-NG]
 === Certificate & Key Transparency === === Certificate & Key Transparency ===
-* [https://​certificate-transparency.org ​website+* [https://​certificate-transparency.org ​Certificate Transparency
-* [https://​tools.ietf.org/​html/​draft-ietf-trans-threat-analysis-10 Attack and Threat Model]+* [https://​tools.ietf.org/​html/​draft-ietf-trans-threat-analysis-10 Attack and Threat Model for Certificate Transparency]
 * [https://​security.googleblog.com/​2017/​01/​security-through-transparency.html Key Transparency (Google Blog)] * [https://​security.googleblog.com/​2017/​01/​security-through-transparency.html Key Transparency (Google Blog)]
 * [https://​github.com/​google/​keytransparency/​blob/​master/​docs/​overview.md Key Transparency Overview (Github)] * [https://​github.com/​google/​keytransparency/​blob/​master/​docs/​overview.md Key Transparency Overview (Github)]
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