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 +==Course Goals==
 +When you complete this course, you will
 +* be able to intelligently converse about topics in multi-agent systems, especially the main solution concepts,
 +* be able to state common themes and identify problem structures from the multi-agent systems literature,
 +* be able to apply solution approaches to multi-agent systems,
 +* be able to read and understand current literature in the field, and
 +* understand common representations and algorithms from the literature, with knowledge of common problems in engineering and computer science.
 +== Wiki Help ==
 +* For a listing of mathematical symbol codes, check out [http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Help:​Formula Symbol Codes]
 +* For help in editing pages you might try [http://​meta.wikimedia.org/​wiki/​Help:​Editing Help:​Editing]
 +* For a general mediawiki FAQ see: [http://​www.mediawiki.org/​wiki/​Help:​FAQ MediaWiki FAQ]
 +* For help on RSS See [http://​meta.wikimedia.org/​wiki/​RSS wiki RSS]. I think the basic idea is to end the url with: /​index.php?​title=Special:​Recentchanges&​feed=rss for recent changes or /​index.php?​title=Special:​Newpages&​feed=rss for, Duh, new pages. I would love to have a media wiki or rss expert comment on this.
 +''​Thanks to Dr. Seppi for providing these links''​
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