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PDF PowerPoint Screencast Supplement Title
1 9/4/2014 PDF PPTX Intro. to Natural Language Processing; Linguistic Ambiguity
2 9/9/2014 PDF PPTX Why Data?
3 9/11/2014 PDF PPTX Intro. to Language Modeling; n-Gram Language Models
4 9/16/2014 PDF PPTX Language Model Smoothing with Interpolation
5 9/18/2014 PDF PPTX Language Modeling Metrics; Language Model Smoothing with Discounting
6 9/23/2014 PDF PPTX Good-Turing Smoothing
7 9/25/2014 PDF PPTX Kneser-Ney Smoothing
8 9/30/2014 PDF PPTX Learning Maximum Entropy Models (Logistic Regression)
9 10/7/2014 (to appear) (to appear) Naive Bayes as Special Case of Logistic Regression
10 10/9/2014 PDF PPTX The Power of Discriminative Models (Bridge from Logistic Regression to Neural Nets)
11 10/14/2014 PDF PPTX Sequence Labeling; Maximum Entropy Markov Models
12 10/16/2014 PDF PPTX Feature Engineering for Maximum Entropy Markov Models; Named Entity Recognition
13 10/21/2014 PDF Murphy Tutorial Introduction to Undirected Graphical Models
14 10/23/2014 PDF Murphy Tutorial Introduction to Undirected Graphical Models (continued)
15 10/28/2014 Introduction to Undirected Graphical Models (continued)
16 10/30/2014 Solutions to your tagging problems
17 11/3/2014 Introduction to Undirected Graphical Models (continued)
18 11/11/2014 PDF PPTX Intro. to Parsing: Probabilistic Context Free Grammars (PCFGs)
19, 20 11/13/2014 PDF, PDF PPTX, PPTX Independence assumptions in PCFGs; CKY parsing algorithm; PCKY algorithm; Analysis of PCKY
21, 22 11/18/2014 PDF, PDF PPTX, PPTX PCFG Transformations: Markovization, Binarization; More probabilistic generative syntax models: Markov grammars, Lexicalized grammars
23 11/20/2014 PDF PPTX Dependency Parsing
- 11/25/2014 Student Paper Presentations
24 12/2/2014 PDF PPTX Intro. to Machine Translation; Word Alignment Models: IBM Model 1; Training Model 1 with EM
25 12/4/2014 PDF PPTX Modeling Distortion (word movement); IBM Model 2; Training Model 2 with EM
26, 27 12/9/2014 PDF, PDF PPTX, PPTX Modeling “Fertility”; Cascaded Training; Choosing Alignments; Evaluating Alignments; Decoding / Translation; Translation Metrics

BYU CS users also have full access to the posted lecture slides (including PowerPoint) via the CS department file-system. Connect to schizo, and check the following directory:


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