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PDF PowerPoint Screencast Title
1 9/4/2014 PDF PPTX - Intro. to Natural Language Processing; Linguistic Ambiguity
2 9/9/2014 PDF PPTX - Why Data?
3 9/11/2014 PDF PPTX - Intro. to Language Modeling; n-Gram Language Models
4 9/16/2014 PDF PPTX - Language Model Smoothing with Interpolation
5 9/18/2014 PDF PPTX - Language Modeling Metrics; Language Model Smoothing with Discounting
6 9/23/2014 PDF PPTX - Good-Turing Smoothing
7 9/25/2014 PDF PPTX - Kneser-Ney Smoothing
8 9/30/2014 PDF PPTX - Learning Maximum Entropy Models

BYU CS users also have full access to the posted lecture slides (including PowerPoint) via the CS department file-system. Connect to schizo, and check the following directory:


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