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PDF PowerPoint Screencast Title
1 9/4/2014 PDF PPTX - Intro. to Natural Language Processing; Linguistic Ambiguity
2 9/9/2014 PDF PPTX - Why Data?
3 9/11/2014 PDF PPTX - Intro. to Language Modeling; n-Gram Language Models
4 9/16/2014 PDF PPTX - Language Model Smoothing with Interpolation
5 9/18/2014 PDF PPTX - Language Modeling Metrics; Language Model Smoothing with Discounting
6 9/23/2014 PDF PPTX - Good-Turing Smoothing
7 9/25/2014 PDF PPTX - Kneser-Ney Smoothing
8 9/30/2014 PDF PPTX - Learning Maximum Entropy Models (Logistic Regression)
9 10/7/2014 (to appear) (to appear) - Naive Bayes as Special Case of Logistic Regression
10 10/9/2014 PDF PPTX - The Power of Discriminative Models (Bridge from Logistic Regression to Neural Nets)

BYU CS users also have full access to the posted lecture slides (including PowerPoint) via the CS department file-system. Connect to schizo, and check the following directory:


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