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How to include the library in your Eclipse project

  1. Download this jar file (but do not try to "run" it)
  2. Save it somewhere (and remember where it is)
  3. In your eclipse project:
    1. Right click on your project folder in the package explorer
    2. Choose "properties" at the bottom
    3. Choose "Java Build Path" and the "Libraries" tab there
    4. Click "Add External JARs..."
    5. Find where you saved the jar file and choose it

acm.jar should now show up in "Referenced Libraries" in the package explorer under your project.

Additionally, if you want to see the documentation for ACM classes, do the following:

  1. Right click the jar file under "Referenced Libraries" in the package explorer
  2. Properties
  3. Javadoc Location
  4. put in this URL:
  5. OK

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