Dec. 30, 2014:

  • Schedule for Winter 2015 meetings: Wednesdays at 3pm in the Gigapix room (Dr. Embley will see if we can schedule the Gigapix room)
  • Dr. Liddle: spent some time working with Dr. Embley, some time on Jiapu project, but not a lot given Christmas break
  • Tae Woo: made a fix that needs some help to figure out
  • Dr. Packer: working on the ListReader code, reading JSON, tracking down a bug with it; needs to make sure it records all the predicted labels for highlighting
  • Christopher: Christmas break – was a real break; worked on changing the A key to add before or after depending on a/A capitalization; next up: figuring out how to approach number keys in all the special cases; has question about #278
  • Joseph: working on thesis defense presentation; will do the dry run in two weeks (Jan. 14)
  • Dr. Embley: did some coding! Continues to work on the full line; next up: inference; blocker: failure on annotation exporter to OSMX
  • Sidebars:
    • Tae Woo JSON issue (TWK, DWE, SWL)
    • Backlog review with Christopher (CA, SWL, DWE)
    • Annotation exporter broken (Dr. Liddle & Dr. Embley)

Dec. 23, 2014:

  • Joseph: finished writing thesis, and ready for defense (waiting on scheduling)
  • Dr. Embley: pushing through full line; waiting on Tae Woo's piece; can't get in debug mode to where the code is that needs to be changed (blocker)
  • Dr. Liddle: worked on Jiapu project, worked with Dr. Embley on coding issues, worked on build (including Jenkins upgrade and Java 7 update)
  • Dr. Lonsdale: lab machine is restored (w00t!); back in the saddle on getting Peter's code up to speed; met with Peter [will be on leave next semester with FamilySearch in Orem]
  • Tae Woo: finals & anniversary; fixed problem in his code – Dr. Embley should download latest version; has issue with & in his command-line code
  • Dr. Packer: done a little more code; still more to do
  • Christopher: finished finals; changed actions and keyboard shortcuts to annotation actions; disabled those not in use; 1-9's are going to be difficult; several user stories up next
  • Sidebars:
  • Scheduling: need to gather schedules from everyone
  • Debugging in Netbeans on BookProject
  • Black bar [conclusion: work on UI specifically for ListReader or GreenFie-HD in the future; there are 4 or 5 buttons to get rid of]

Dec. 16, 2014:

  • Dr. Liddle: made progress on Jiapu project; reviewed Joseph's thesis; spent time with Dr. Embley; etc.
  • Dr. Packer: back in town and is getting back into email and code again; working on the main ListReader interactive feedback loop; context switches are more difficult now
  • Dr. Woodfield: busy with projects and finals
  • Dr. Embley: worked on Joseph's thesis and with Dr. Liddle; working on pushing through a full line; needs Tae Woo to make his code work right for 1-many relationship sets; can import couple or family forms; needs Joseph to support several OSMX documents in their RDF form to re-merge the forms together; getting into the programming; trying to orchestrate everything so it works together
  • Sidebars:
    • ListReader current status demo
    • Keyboard actions table discussion

Dec. 9, 2014:

  • Tae Woo: working on bugs, no blockers per se
  • Christopher: has made ListReader modification to get JSON out of file; Thomas is currently working on a file C.A. needs; next up: highlights and other annotator-side elements
  • Dr. Lonsdale: starting to have time, started to work on lab machine but disk went bad
  • Dr. Woodfield: Aaron is in the middle of finals and projects, so hasn't gotten much done; will wrap up everything and get it to Dr. W next week; Dr. W will try to take over that work
  • Dr. Liddle: Jiapu, build & Java 7, annotator, …
  • Lunch: Meet Monday, Dec. 15, 11:30am at TMCB entrance near 1170 TMCB by the parking lot.
  • Sidebars:
    • SWL & CA: look at build, etc.
    • SWL & SNW: high-level architecture issues

Dec. 9, 2014:

  • Everyone come having looked at your schedules for a possible lunch, e.g. Dec. 16.
  • Sidebars:
    • Plan on a discussion about what kinds of things need to be encoded in the OSMX schema

Dec. 2, 2014:

  • Christopher: busy week; now working with Thomas on ListReader, Kae builders, reading JSON from file
  • Dr. Embley: can we get together for a lunch? set up several sidebars
  • Dr. Woodfield: making progress; looking at XML model plus Java constraints package; most XML constraints will be references to Java code
  • Dr. Liddle: is in communication with Shanhong Cheng on Jiapu project; buried in grading exams
  • Dr. Lonsdale: did lots of grading; ah-ah-ah-ah-stayin' alive!
  • Tae Woo: ran the OSMX file; found a jar file, but it didn't have the appropriate classes embedded in it
  • Aaron: got the hard constraint added to the XSD and validated it
  • Sidebars:
    • Ensemble architecture discussion
    • Update backlog for items people need to work on
    • Tae Woo: how to create jar file with Jenkins build?
    • Frontier paper with Steve

Nov. 25, 2014:

  • Aaron: met with Drs. Woodfield & Embley, updated participation constraints in the OSMX schema doc; (please run updates by Dr. Liddle when ready)
  • Dr. Embley: spent most of his time on Joseph's thesis; a bit more to do still
  • Dr. Liddle: not a lot to report; some progress on Jiapu project
  • Tae Woo: worked on handling duplicates, subsumption; blocker: need to create OSMX with Ontology Workbench, but doesn't know how to do it (just need to know where the Ontology Editor saves your file)
  • Dr. Packer: happy to be back and water the office plants; has worked on patent application; waiting on Christopher to give more info about test failures/build errors
    • Please try cd /data/; sudo ./SETUP_LIST_READER 23 — this will terminate with “Capture group number is larger than phrase ID scaling factor” error.
  • Sidebars:
    • User text in OSMX schema (note: we've verified that there are validation problems with the OSMX produced by the annotator backend [David's code])
    • Architecture diagram focusing on where we need some work for full line

Nov. 18, 2014:

  • Dr. Packer: dealt with email, a few programming things – more to do with ListReader to get the learning cycle working to read in JSON instead of OSMX
  • Dr. Lonsdale: working on final version of AAAI paper, due Thursday (Peter got funding to go to conference to present)
  • Tae Woo: has been programming; ComplexAnnotation works; fixed a number of bugs; has some more bugs to work on; working on getting relationship set from OSMX document to know what kind of report to create
  • Dr. Woodfield: wants to talk about quasi-architecture for the project; looked at data structures for representing OSM, wrapper classes
  • Christopher: Trying to work with Thomas; was able to build Alpha and Beta projects with few errors (test case issues); will identify the test cases that fail; will be changing command-line parameter to send filename instead of raw JSON
  • Dr. Embley: spent a lot of time working with Joseph's thesis (has Adobe issue)
  • Dr. Liddle: worked with Christopher, etc.
  • Sidebars:
    • OSMX, Wrappers, etc.
    • Adobe tool behavior (Liddle/Embley)
    • OCR engines for Chinese; technical connection, etc. (Jiapu project)

Nov. 11, 2014:

  • Dr. Liddle: we have hired Shanhong and Chuck has delivered a number of the files and form specifications we need
  • Dr. Lonsdale: had AAAI paper accepted; working on responses (due week from Thursday)
  • Christopher: worked with Dr. Liddle on ListReader next steps (ran into some problems Thomas needs to solve)
  • Aaron: has looked at XSD, trying to decide what to change; seeing lots of layers
  • Dr. Embley: spent a lot of time on Joseph's thesis; should be done this week; ICDAR conference announcement just came – would be a good place for the ensemble (would need to do something like run the Ely book through the ensemble and report on results); ICDAR papers due Jan. 15; blocker: needs Adobe Illustrator
  • Sidebars:
    • Jiapu project
    • ListReader & Kae build
    • Something with Dr. Woodfield
    • Ensemble and ICDAR

Nov. 4, 2014:

  • Dr. Woodfield: gave a nice presentation at ER 2014; people are thinking about models of quality and quality of models; we ought to have a quality feedback cycle
  • Dr. Lonsdale: finished author comment period response on AAAI paper; hopeful on this one; working on getting Peter's code up and running
  • Tae Woo: doing maintenance programming this past week; OSMX-to-JSON needed to be able to handle complex annotations
  • Dr. Packer: dissertation has passed to library approval; trying to get back into the ListReader code itself; needs to read feedback in JSON format
  • Christopher: spent a lot of time resolving laptop troubles; met with Dr. Embley to discuss roles for annotators; will do some more of that
  • Aaron: has to-do list from Dr. Woodfield; met with Dr. Embley; trying to be sure he's thinking at a sufficiently high level of abstraction
  • Dr. Embley: worked on annotator instructions; talked with John Morrey about the instructions; finished HyKSS paper (page proofs are done now); working on Joseph's thesis – should get to closure soon; did some programming after meeting with David; getting going with Jiapu project
  • Dr. Liddle: ER 2014 was great; everybody misses Dave; I'm now ERSC chair, ER 2015 PC co-chair, DKE editorial board member; working on a conceptual modeling paper with several of the ERSC members; has given input on Jiapu project as well
  • Sidebars:
    • Christopher's to-do list
      • 1. ListReader interface
      • 2. Batch handling
      • 3. Highlighting, etc.
    • Ensemble inputs
      • Will need batch support in the database and the supporting file structure
      • Need ListReader integrated fully
      • Need to work on hover/highlight feature implemented
  • Dr. Woodfield: note that GSON struggles with polymorphic types; JackSON solves this problem

Oct. 28, 2014:

  • No DEG meeting today; enjoy ER 2014!

Oct. 21, 2014:

  • Dr. Woodfield needs to present dry-run of ER workshop presentation

Oct. 14, 2014:

  • Dr. Liddle: worked with Christopher etc.
  • Dr. Packer: finished the dissertation and formatting
  • Christopher: worked with Dr. Liddle on ListReader integration; working on hyphen/newlines in text files; will eventually need precise definition
  • Aaron: needs help on password (done!); worked on reading/understanding XML Schema documents
  • Dr. Woodfield: similar to Aaron, looking at OSMX schema; leaning toward method holder approach to constraint specification
  • Dr. Lonsdale: they diagnosed but cannot yet fix problems with their machines
  • Sidebars:
    • ListReader back-end
    • Discussion item: linkage between OSMX and methods

Oct. 7, 2014:

  • Minutes lost, sorry
  • Sidebars:
    • Backup of dithers (svn, web site)
    • Product backlog
    • Rules for annotators

Sep. 30, 2014:

  • Thomas needs to present dry-run of dissertation defense
  • No Scrum today

Sep. 23, 2014:

  • Aaron: similar to last week; ready account on dithers
  • Dr. Embley: GedcomX is back on the table; will need to create OSMX documents appropriately populated by the full line
  • Dr. Liddle: worked with Dr. Embley quite a bit on compiler configuration issues, etc.
  • Dr. Lonsdale: still trying to build Peter's OntoSoar on his Windows 7 machine
  • Thomas: editing the last paper, working on presentation
  • Tae Woo: working on getting user feedback from Annotator; wrote code to read JSON structures to find precision/recall errors
  • Dr. Woodfield: will be looking at how to make constraints more robust in OSMX
  • Christopher: still has timing issue; researching JavaScript Promise API
  • Sidebars:'
    • Jiapu project with Derek Dobson

Sep. 16, 2014:

  • Aaron: still working on learning XML Schema (XSD is preferable to DTD)
  • Dr. Embley: finished with draft of paper with Thomas
  • Thomas: working on presentation; paper is next
  • Dr. Liddle: learning a lot more about Swift; worked with Christopher & Dr. Embley & Dr. Lonsdale
  • Dr. Lonsdale: AAAI paper is in, MEG final report is submitted; working on getting Peter's software up and running, etc.
  • Tae Woo: working on backend part of GreenFIE (user feedback, f-measures); trying to understand how Annotator deals with user's corrections
  • Christopher: highlight borders are now persistent; there is still a timing issue (sidebar with Dr. Liddle); intermittent “user resource does not exist” error
  • George Nagy's paper
  • Sidebars:
    • Specific discussion about how to get ensemble up and running
    • Discuss Tae Woo's f-measure questions

Sep. 9, 2014:

  • Aaron: coming up to speed on OSM, XML Schema; next up: OSMX (user ID aaronms)
  • Tae Woo: OSMX-to-JSON now deals with duplicates better; working on combining certain record types (Dr. Embley thinks we need to discuss this)
  • Thomas: continuing to work on three things: paper with Dr. Embley, dissertation defense presentation, and annotator integration
  • Christopher: highlighter is looking better; hasn't been able to find way to make borders persistent; pages load, but change has broken some highlighting – will be working on that next; annotation data is getting cleared on each page load appropriately
  • Dr. Woodfield: continuing work on extending constraints to allow soft constraints; heads-up: will be thinking about integrating code into OSM model instances, and we'll need to figure out how we intend to store that code, and what the execution environment will look like
  • Dr. Embley: paper by George Nagy might be an interesting one for us to read (Sep. 16); working with Thomas; finished finals proofs on a couple of papers
  • Dr. Lonsdale: still working on OntoSOAR paper for AAAI, final report on ORCA MEG; registered for the FamilySearch DevCon Sep. 25/26
  • Dr. Liddle: worked with Christopher, Dr. Embley, etc.
  • Sidebars:
    • Tae Woo converter
    • High-level end-to-end picture (incl. query processing, constraint checking, …)

Use Case Pipeline:

  1. PDF document
  2. Split PDF pages
  3. Run ListReader, OntoSoar, FROntIER, (Annotator,) … to generate OSMX documents with annotations (one per page)
  4. Merge generated OSMX documents (on a per-page basis) into a unified JSON structure that we then present to the Annotator
  5. Display the merged results in the Annotator in grid mode; let the user edit as desired; this produces a ground truth with respect to the underlying source document; note that each tool could compare with this ground truth to see how it did and perhaps even how it could learn to do better
  6. Produce single, unified OSMX document
  7. This document is integrated into the Web of Knowledge
  8. Consume the WoK (queries, browsing, …)

Sep. 2, 2014:

  • Aaron: officially hired
  • Thomas: working on paper with Dr. Embley; waiting for signature from Dr. Snell to schedule defense; dissertation is essentially complete
  • Dr. Woodfield: getting ready for class; will be working with Aaron to modify OSMX model
  • Christopher: spent a lot of time getting back to Utah; made good progress on annotator items, especially ListReader
  • Tae Woo: had good visit with parents in Australia; working on OSMX to JSON tool
  • Dr. Embley: finished ML-OntoES paper (corrected proofs); spending lots of time with Thomas
  • Dr. Lonsdale: still working on OntoSOAR paper for AAAI, final report on ORCA MEG; noted the FamilySearch DevCon Sep. 25/26
  • Dr. Liddle: worked with Dr. Embley, and several others
  • Sidebars:
    • Christopher, Thomas, interface
    • Using output for querying, HyKSS (our own tool, independent of Church)
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