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 +'''​December 7, 2015'''​
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: Not much to report -- trying to survive the semester (life begins again after tomorrow)
 +* Dr. Woodfield: Also working on surviving the semester; some work with Dave
 +* Dr. Embley: Has been doing lots of programming:​ cleaning values, etc.  Working on parsing of dates. ​ Things are pretty well ready to go to the constraint enforcer. ​ Ready to place notices in XML docs.  Will work on messages for handlers. ​ Then will need to split into forms.
 +* Dr. Liddle: Did some work with Dr. Embley, also trying to survive the semester
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​
 +** How to place new messages into JSON.  How do I code that in JavaScript?
 +** How to learn Android.
 '''​November 24, 2015'''​ '''​November 24, 2015'''​
 * No DEG meeting this week * No DEG meeting this week
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