Getting Started

This page is to introduce you to the syntax and features on the new CS wiki. There are some intricacies because of plugins that we use to make mediawiki migration easier.


In order to add an image to a page, you must first add the image to the file system using the Media Manager located in the toolbox on the left side of your screen.

Make sure you place the pictures under :media:[your class name], not the root directory, or they will be unavailable.

Add Image

Once the image has been added under the media manager, you may add the image to your page using this syntax:


Resize Image

Currently, formatting options for images are limited. To resize the image, specify how many pixels the image should be resized. For example, to make the previous image 400 pixels:


Center Image

To center an image, prefix and suffix the image tag with html center tags, without the whitespace:

 < html>< center>< /html>[[media:YOURCLASS:IMAGENAME.PNG]]< html>< /center>< /html>

Text Formatting

Text formatting follows the mediawiki syntax. A good guide on mediawiki text syntax can be found here


Table formatting follows the dokuwiki syntax. The official dokuwiki documentation for tables can be found here

Code Tags

Code tags are easily created by placing two spaces before the text that you would like to be in code.

 This just has two spaces in front of it


More help can be found on this page

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