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 +===Control of large numbers of robots===
 +* http://​parasol.tamu.edu/​groups/​amatogroup/​research/​flock/​ - lots of flocking stuff
 +* iRobot is currently working on a multi-robot control project.
 +* Write survey paper on interface strategies in real time strategy games?
 +* Speaking swarmish: Human-robot interface design for large swarms of autonomous mobile robots - http://​citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/​viewdoc/​download?​doi=​rep=rep1&​type=pdf - MIT 2006.  Large swarm of robots.
 +* Supervisory control of multiple robots based on a real-time strategy game interaction paradigm - http://​homewood.stanford.edu/​publications/​htmlpubs/​files/​JonesS%202001.pdf - references to other multi-robot interaction papers. ​ '''​Good jumping off point'''​ - find other papers that reference this.
 +* A video game-based framework for analyzing human-robot interaction:​ characterizing interface design in real-time interactive multimedia applications - http://​citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/​viewdoc/​download?​doi=​rep=rep1&​type=pdf
 +* http://​scholar.google.com/​scholar?​cites=11251842386771348872&​as_sdt=20000000000005&​sciodt=20000000000000&​hl=en
 +* http://​maple.cs.umbc.edu/​~don/​projects/​swarmrobotics.pdf - swarm robotics survey paper
 +* http://​repository.library.ualberta.ca/​dspace/​handle/​10048/​495
 +* http://​scholarsmine.mst.edu/​post_prints/​pdf/​Bashyal_09007dcc80600f1e.pdf - user interface for multi-robot radiation source localization
 +* http://​jw.nebulis.org/​pubs/​2009/​AuRo_2009.pdf - Multi-robot deployment and coordination with Embedded Graph Grammars
 +* http://​repository.library.ualberta.ca/​dspace/​bitstream/​10048/​495/​1/​chris_parker_phd_thesis.pdf - Collective decision-making in decentralized multiple-robot systems: a biologically inspired approach to making up all of your minds
 +* http://​citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/​viewdoc/​download?​doi=​rep=rep1&​type=pdf - Exerting Human Control Over Decentralized Robot Swarms - Paper is not quite what I'm looking for, but has very solid bibliography.
 +* GUARDIANS robots - firefighter assistance ​
 +====Proposed paper snippets====
 +* In contrast to other approaches, I propose to examine the game interface in terms of interactions with the other agents present.
 +* Scales to operator skill - provides intuitive gui/mouse based and provides hotkeys to let experienced users do things more quickly.
 +* We restrict our view to i/o devices found on the common computer system. ​ We neglect issues such as cameras, and input output devices. ​ For a treatment of the topic see [this] excellent paper.
 +* Focused on agent interaction,​ not interface. ​ other papers deal with interface.
 +* Previous papers have explored applicability of RTS interface to robot interaction and the design of the user interface itself. ​ My focus is on interaction with the agents inside the game.
 +====Video game-based framework for HRI====
 +* Broad survey of video game techniques
 +* Applied specifically to UAVs, but goal is general framework
 +* A human interaction focus - segments features into "​inputs"​ and "​outputs"​ - different from my proposed approach
 +* Good bibliography for my research area... spend time reading here.
 +====Multi-robot control based on RTS interaction paradigm====
 +* Paradigm works, but must be adapted
 +* Currently two categories of interfaces: single complex robot and distributed robot system. ​ Need to be able to control multiple complex robots
 +* "​complex"​ - ability to perform extended missions that call for more than one kind of task.
 +* Many current systems operate in "hands off" or full tele-operated control.
 +* Footnote 25, 27 - human robot teams. 17 - Boeing study 
 +* "user centered design"​
 +* observed SWAT teams - good model for human-human interaction in stressful situation, now integrate in robots
 +* Complete world knowledge not realistic in real world environment
 +* NOTE: maybe I should also look at rpg-ish interfaces... that tend to facilitate "put rock in box" types of commands.
 +* NOTE: one of the fundamental challenges in multi-robot control is to put all robots in a coherent space (same coordinate system) where the user can visually see relations between them and interact with them.
 +* Good results
 +* Results indicated that the user '''​Trusted the robot more'''​ with a better interface.
 +====Speaking Swarmish====
 +* Short paper - 4 pages
 +* MIT 2006
 +* Large (116) swarm of robots.
 +* Deals with develop-run-debug cycle on a local swarm. ​ Emphasizes ways for the operator to easily determine the robots state without consulting a computer screen.
 +* Applications to human-robot interaction. ​ How can a human easily see the internal state of a robot?
 +* Applies strategies from RTS games. Mentions that use of this style of interface to control robots has mixed results (easier to move them or type commands). ​ Mentions that such interfaces are very useful for information display.
 +* Primarily deals with "​Swarmish",​ a "​communication protocol"​ that the robots use to communication information back to humans.
 +** Blinking LEDs.  Seem to work best when using all LEDs or one at a time.  Multiple independent signals are hard to read.
 +*** Uses two intensities and both square and sine waves
 +*** Combination gives 108 patterns, all readable in less than 1/2 second.
 +** Audio signals
 +*** inspired by old school debugging using radios
 +*** makes combinations of states intelligible. ​ Can quickly spot "​discordance"​ and id bugs.
 +*** Users especially sensitive to demo and rhythm.
 +* looking at augmented reality for future.
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