Lanny Lin, lab alumni, applying what he learned to Smart Homes at Vivint.

BYU News article on the swarm robotics work done by Daniel Brown, Shin-Young Jung, and Sean Kerman. Work by Walter Daqing Yi and Kris Alder was also featured in the story.

The Deseret News did their own article on Lanny's work.

Daily Herald article on Lanny's work on modeling the movement of missing persons. Sept 2010.

The Daily Herald article was picked up by ACM Tech News.

The Daily Herald article was picked up in modified form by the Associated Press. Apparently, Mike is a math professor:)

Article in New Scientist on Lanny's 2010 AAAI paper. July 2010.

Article in New Scientist on Nathan Rasmussen's work on blending IR and visible spectrum video. Feb 2010.

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