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Current Research

My Master's thesis is entitled “Detection Likelihood Maps for Wilderness Search and Rescue: Assisting Search by Utilizing Ground Searcher GPS Track Logs.”

The goal of this research is to provide ground searchers and search managers with a visual representation of the quality of search coverage.

Completed tasks:<br> Implemented CPU and CUDA viewshed library<br> Created simulation environment in the C4 game engine<br> Implemented the ability to collect Distance to Visual Obstruction (DTVO) and Average Maximum Detection Range (AMDR) values<br>

Current tasks include:<br> Create touch screen application that displays the contour map, detection likelihood maps, and lets the user place markers on identified objects (this is because the Google Earth plugin keeps crashing)<br> Fully populate the simulation environment with desired vegetation<br> Collect detection data used to build the detection likelihood Bayesian model<br> Create a Bayesian model for learning the detection likelihoods<br> Design a secondary auditory task for the user study<br> Validate accuracy of detection likelihood model in field experiments<br>

Future Research

Switching to Dr. Seamon's Internet Security lab upon completion of Masters.


Cutting-edge technology<br> Computer and internet security<br> Parallel processing, especially using CUDA<br> Brain-computer interfaces<br> The great outdoors: backpacking, fishing, etc.<br>


L. Lin, M. Roscheck, M. A. Goodrich, and B. S. Morse. Supporting Wilderness Search and Rescue with Integrated Intelligence: Autonomy and Information at the Right Time and the Right Place. In Twenty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Special Track on Integrated Intelligence. July, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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