Papers with Interesting Ideas that We Might Be Able to Use

These are some papers that have heavily influenced how I think about the world. – Mike G.

(1) Ironies of Automation:

(2) A Theoretical Field Analysis of Automobile Driving

(3) Heuristics, Rules of Thumb, and the 80/20 Proposition

(4) Invariants of Human Behavior

(5) A New Defense of Satisficing

(6) The Enterprise of Knowledge

(7) Judgments Under Uncertainty

(8) Intelligence without representation

(9) Ecological Interface Design: Theoretical Foundations.

(10) Naturalistic Decision-Making: Where are We Now? Pages 1-16 from,M1

Papers that might make it on the above list

  • A Chapter from Simple Heuristics that Make us Smart
  • A Chapter from Simon's “Science of the Artificial”

Other papers that we've discussed as a lab

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