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Current Research

My research is in the construction of software termed UE-WiSAR (UAV Enabled Wilderness Search and Rescue).

The goal of this research is to create a stable, cohesive, and well documented software solution which combines the roles of Command and Control (CC), Ground Control Station (GCS), Video Enhancer (VE), and Search and Rescue (SAR) into a single solution.

Through the completion of this work we hope to create an impact in the WiSAR and other mUAV realms by providing non-prototype software to the rest of the community to enhance future research and begin to play a role in industry.


Software Engineering<br> Software for other developers<br> Software for Robot Control<br> Outdoor Computer Vision<br> Artificial Inteligence<br>


The great outdoors: backpacking, fishing, etc.<br> Writing Android Apps<br> Sports: Skiing, Basketball, Football, Fantasy Sports<br> Reading Fantasy Books<br>

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