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 ==Interests== ==Interests==
-Software Engineering<br> +Software Engineering 
-Software for other developers<br> + 
-Software for Robot Control<br> +Software for other developers 
-Outdoor Computer Vision<br> + 
-Artificial Inteligence<br>+Software for Robot Control 
 +Outdoor Computer Vision 
 +Artificial Inteligence
 ==Hobbies== ==Hobbies==
-The great outdoors: backpacking,​ fishing, etc.<br> +The great outdoors: backpacking,​ fishing, etc. 
-Writing Android Apps<br> + 
-Sports: Skiing, Basketball, Football, Fantasy Sports<br> +Writing Android Apps 
-Reading Fantasy Books<br>+ 
 +Sports: Skiing, Basketball, Football, Fantasy Sports 
 +Reading Fantasy Books
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